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Terminating your mobile phone contract & co. cleverly

Are you dissatisfied with your mobile or Internet service provider or have you found a cheaper offer? If yes, then you must terminate your contract.
Kündigung von Handy- und Internetverträgen

Are you dissatisfied with your mobile or Internet service provider or have you found a cheaper offer? If yes, then you must terminate your contract. We give you the most important advices on how and when to do so.


Many mobile phone contracts are signed for a certain period of time – usually for 24 months – first. This is also a commonly used practice for telephone and Internet contracts. During this period, you are basically bound by the contract and have to pay the agreed monthly price.

When can I terminate my contract?

You can cancel your contract only at the end of the term, for example after 24 months. But be careful: You have to terminate it first. For contracts concluded before March 1, 2022, the notice period can be up to three months. To find out how long the notice period is for these contracts, you need to have a look at the contract documents. For all contracts concluded after March 1, 2022, the notice period is now a maximum of one month to the end of the contract.

If you do not terminate it in time, most providers will automatically renew your contract. If your telephone or Internet contract is automatically renewed, you can cancel it at any time with one month's notice

How can I terminate the telephone or Internet contract?

Most telecommunications providers also allow contracts to be concluded on the Internet; you can then also terminate your mobile phone or Internet contract online on the provider's website. Online providers have been required to set up an easily accessible cancellation button ("Kündigungsbutton" in German) for term contracts on their websites since July 1, 2022. With one click, you should be taken to the cancellation page via a corresponding button. You do not have to log in to do this. After terminating the contract, you will receive an electronic confirmation of receipt, which will serve as proof that the notice has been received. 
You also have other cancellation options: With an e-mail, a text message, a fax (in "text form") or with a letter. In the cancellation you must declare that you want to terminate the contract. It is always important that the notice of termination reaches your provider in good time.

Our advice: It is best to use the cancellation button online, as this is the easiest way and you will receive a confirmation of receipt directly. Alternatively, send the notice of termination by registered mail (“Einschreiben” in German - postmarked or with advice of receipt) and request a confirmation of termination from your provider.

If the provider has not specifically regulated the form of termination, you can theoretically even terminate the contract by phone. However, we do not recommend this! In case of doubt, you will not be able to prove that your provider has received your notice of termination. 

In which cases can I terminate the contract without notice?

There are only a few exceptions where you can terminate a telephone or Internet contract before the end of its term. You will need an important reason for such a termination without notice. This can be, for example, if you move abroad or the telephone or Internet service is permanently not working or is working very poorly.

Is a long term contract not for you? There are some Internet and telephone contracts that you can terminate any month or after one year.

For mobile phones, there are prepaid rates: To make calls or surf the Internet, you first have to top up your credit. You can then decide for yourself when you want to top up your credit again.