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Data Protection on the Internet and being safe online

The internet and the use of smartphones and tablets have become an indispensible part of our everyday lives.

The internet offers equal access to information, an unlimited range of goods and services and new ways to communicate for consumers of a migrant background. However, the new technological possibilities also bring new dangers such as cost traps, scams and identity fraud.

Nowadays the internet is pushing into more and more areas of life. We constantly chat with friends on social networks, keenly use smartphones, shop online and make countless enquiries in a variety of search engines. With every click of the mouse and every touch of a key, we leave behind digital trace, possibly even permanently. The Internet "forgets nothing”. Every step in the Internet is monitored by countless businesses in the Internet and personal details of consumers are passed on without their knowledge. A majority of immigrants handle personal data carelessly on the Internet and are therefore strongly affected by the storage of personal data on the Internet.

Consumers must be well-informed about the opportunities and risks of their use of the Internet, in order to be able to control their own private sphere and to protect themselves against the misuse of their personal details. Only consumers who are well-informed and empowered in their competence with digital media can also confidently secure their privacy themselves.